What is Unified Health Net

Unified Health Net is a cloud based end-to-end health care eco-system that serves as a platform which connects facilities, nursing homes,assisted living units and hospitals with pharmacies, payers and physicians.

The platform includes services and software applications for many functions like Prescription management, Medpass, resident/patient management, service management, Interactive MARs etc for facilities (assisted living, critical care facility and nursing homes), prescription approvals, processing, drug dispensing, tracking, Pharmacy tech support, communication etc for pharmacies and care providers.

Care Takers

End-to-end facility management app

UHN provides every care taker an interface where they can manage and schedule their complete task- from adding a resident to drug administration to MAR.
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The LTC pharmacy management app

We offer pharmacy technology and services to Retail Regional and National Chains, Hospital and Retail Independent Pharmacies, LTC Pharmacies etc..
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The HIS that connects your hospital operations

UHN HIS System is a turnkey solution that automates the clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), administrative and inventory functions aling with e-MAR (Electronic Medical Administration)
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About UHN

UHN is a complete end-to-end healthcare platform developed by 20+ years healthcare experts to ease the business process in healthcare sector especially LTC, pharmacies and hospitals.